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You Shouldn’t Have to Pay To Access Life-Saving Medical Care

EVACU eliminates your out-of-pocket costs, including deductibles and copays, for ground and air ambulance costs – no matter where you are or who picks you up.

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Insurance Plans Rarely Cover the Full Cost of Medical Transportation

Most people have a false sense of security that their insurance plans will protect them from the excessively high costs of emergency medical transportation.  In fact, more than 90% of ambulance providers are out-of-network, exposing your family to deductibles, co-pays, and thousands of dollars in surprise medical billing.


EVACU not only eliminates these out-of-pocket costs but also provide your family with complete protection in a medical emergency.

EVACU Closes the Gaps In Your Insurance Plans and Eliminates Your Out-of-Pocket Costs

Recovery Transportation

Emergency ground and air ambulance bills, including co-pays and deductibles

Return Transportation

Emergency hospital to hospital air or ground ambulance transportation

Visitor Transportation

Transportation to a hospital near home for care and recuperation

Organ Transplant Transportation

Getting you home (from 100+ miles away) after you have been released from the hospital

Vehicle Return

Travel costs for a family member or a friend to help you recuperate

Pet Return

Costs to get your stranded children or pets back home

Pet Return

Providing service and covering costs to get your vehicle or RV back home

Pet Return

Expenses returning mortal remains home

Pet Return

And more!

*Disclaimer: refer to Membership Agreement for full coverage details

During and After a Medical Emergency, Your Membership Covers:

EVACU Covers Expensive Emergency Ambulance and Medical Transportation Costs

Select Your Plan 

Your EVACU membership will partner with your family to ensure that your remains are returned securely to their final resting place.

Mortal Remains Transportation

Your EVACU membership will transport you or the organ to the site of your transplant procedure.

Organ Transplant Transportation

Your EVACU membership will return your vehicle – car, truck, motorcycle, RV, boat, trailer and more – to your home. 

Vehicle Return 

Your EVACU membership will get your pets or livestock back home in the event of a medical emergency.

Pet & Livestock Return

Your EVACU membership will get you and any accompanying travelers back home once you are released from medical care.

Return Transportation

Your EVACU membership will bring a friend or family member of your choosing to stay with you if you find yourself hospitalized away from home.

Visitor Transportation

Your EVACU membership will provide you with medical transportation to a medical facility nearer to your home, once you are in stable condition, to continue your path to recovery.

Recovery Transportation

Your EVACU membership will provide you with access to both ground and air medical transportation to the nearest medical facility capable of providing you with the medical care that you may need.

Ground & Air Medical Transportation

All of these benefits are available to you anytime and anywhere - at a low monthly cost

Complete Peace of Mind – at Home and Traveling 

You never know when a medical emergency will strike, so it is critical to be prepared no matter where you are.


Unlike most memberships, EVACU covers all ground and air ambulance providers throughout the United States, with no network limitations or restrictions.


Plus, EVACU provides you with additional benefits while you are traveling – including local recovery transport, visitor transportation, vehicle and trailer return, pet and livestock return, and more!

The Further You Live From A Major Hospital, The More Expensive Emergency Transportation Costs Can Be

Sky-High Air Ambulance Costs

Live in a rural area? Emergency air ambulance rides save lives, but can also come with a massive price tag.







Shocking Ground Ambulance Statistics

Accidents happen when you least expect them. Even with the health insurance you have right now, you could be responsible for an expensive ground ambulance bill.







Protect Your Family From Unexpected Costs

Unpaid medical costs are the #1 cause of bankruptcy in the US.


Millions of people rely on EVACU to protect their family from unexpected costs. Unexpected emergency ambulance transport bills could seriously hurt your finances, ruin your quality of life, or destroy your dreams of retirement - especially if you’re on a fixed income.

Not only did EVACU cover my mom’s ambulance ride when she fell and broke her hip, but theybooked and paid for my airfare to be with her in the hospital. Both my sister and I signed up for a membership as soon as I got home.

Ellen G.

Thomson, Georgia

Medicare denied my claim because the ambulance did not take me to the nearest hospital. I submitted the bill to EVACU and it was paid in full.

Raymond K.

Mill City, Nevada

My husband needed a heart surgery that could not be performed at our local hospital. EVACU coordinated the entire transfer and fully covered the $60,000 cost for an air ambulance to get us to the next large hospital more than three hours away.

Sue C.

Amarillo, Texas

I was transported by ambulance three times in less than 90 days, and EVACU covered the cost of each of them – no questions asked.

Glenda H.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

I had an air ambulance membership, but my claim was denied when I was picked up by a differed provider. I switched to EVACU because they cover me no matter who picks me up or where I am. I haven’t needed to use it yet, but I am sure glad I found it.

Tommy C.

Branson, Missouri

I was transported by air ambulance because there weren’t any ground ambulances in the county. Insurance denied my claim due to medical necessity, but I submitted a claim to EVACU and it was paid in a matter of days.

Erin F.

Gillette, Wyoming

See What People Are Saying About EVACU

  • What is EVACU?
    EVACU is an industry-leading medical transportation membership company offering various programs which enable our members to access life-saving medical care by eliminating network-limitations and cost from the medical transportation decision-making process.
  • What are the memberships are available?
    EVACU currently offers the Ground Plus, Air Plus, Select Plus and Global Plus memberships. Based on the membership selected, members would have access to the following services, on a domestic or global basis: Ground & Air Medical Transportation Recovery Transportation Visitor Transportation Return Transportation Pet Transportation Vehicle Return Organ Transplant Transportation Mortal Remains Transportation
  • Is an EVACU membership insurance? Does it replace my insurance?
    No. EVACU's memberships are not insurance and do not replace the need for health or other insurance products.
  • Why would I need an EVACU membership when I already have health insurance?
    More than 90% of ambulance services are out-of-network with most major insurance carriers. Even when ambulance services are in-network, high deductibles, coverage caps and low reimbursement rates leave customers with incredibly high out-of-pocket costs. EVACU’s memberships close the gaps found in these coverages and eliminate those costs for your family. Also, EVACU’s memberships provide additional, elective services that are not covered by most major insurance carriers – for example, elective local recovery transfers, visitor transportation, vehicle and trailer return services, and more!
  • What makes an EVACU membership better than another ambulance provider’s membership?
    While many ambulance providers offer membership programs very similar to EVACU, there is one critical difference. Specifically, provider-based membership programs only cover services when you are transported by that provider’s ambulances – or one of their affiliated providers’ ambulances. However, if you are transported by another provider, you would not be covered by their membership and your family would be liable for any out-of-pocket costs. By contrast, EVACU’s memberships are not limited by any particular service providers, resulting in no network limitations. So, you are covered - no matter who picks you up!
  • Who all is covered under my EVACU membership?
    EVACU memberships cover your entire family - including you, your spouse, and any dependent children (up to the age of 26).
  • Are EVACU’s memberships available for purchase in all states?
    No. Due to local laws, EVACU’s memberships are not currently available to be sold in Alaska, Florida, New York, and Washington. However, all services are covered throughout the United States - or globally, depending on the membership you selected.
  • Should I contact EVACU first in a medical emergency?
    No. In the event of an emergency, you should immediately call your local emergency services (e.g., 911). EVACU is not an emergency service provider or dispatcher. After your medical emergency, your EVACU Membership will reimburse your out-of-pocket expenses for ambulance services - depending on the type of membership selected. Once you receive your explanation of benefits ("EOB") from your insurance carrier, please submit any balance invoices to EVACU for review and reimbursement.
  • How do I request transportation services?
    To request any of the membership services, contact the EVACU’s Transportation Department by calling toll-free (866) 751-1160 or emailing
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